Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about AS Media Solutions, or if you need support, please visit our documentation.

What is AS Media Solutions?

AS Media Solutions is a software as a service (SaaS) platform developed by Adivius that allows publishers to use multiple CPA networks simultaneously while providing a set of conversion optimization algorithms and tools to fine tune the offers displayed on the locker page. AS Media Solutions is NOT a CPA network.

Why would you use AS Media Solutions?

Using one network limits you to the set of offers (surveys) the network provides. Using multiple networks at a time enables you to utilize the best performing offers from all the networks not just one, thus improving your revenue. Let the networks bid for your lockers instead of settling for what your current network gives you.

How does it work?

When you create an account on AS Media Solutions you will be asked to add one or more networks that you are using. During this process we will ask you to enable the API service and setup a private postback URL in the network's publisher admin.

When a locker page is shown to a user depending on your locker settings we will request in real time offers from up to 3 different networks and pass them through our optimization algorithms. Bad performing offers will be automatically eliminated or pushed down the list so you always end up with the best performing offers.

After the user completes an offer, the CPA network will notify us of this via the postback URL. The lead will be recorded and used in our optimization process. Since all optimizations are performed per locker/account, properly setting up the postback URL is a mandatory for the algorithm to know which offers and clicks resulted in leads.

Which CPA networks do you support?

While we are constantly working on adding new networks to the list of supported CPA networks, currently you can use the following:

What kind of optimization algorithms/strategies do you offer?

  • Optimize by EPC — Offers with highest EPC will be shown first.
  • Optimize by EPC - Advanced — Offers with highest EPC will be shown first, but EPC values are adjusted in realtime from both the network and AS Media Solutions performance data.
  • Optimize by EPC + Mix in new offers — Offers with highest EPC will be shown first followed by a few new offers (works with 3+ offers, otherwise standard optimize by EPC is applied).
  • Optimize for Conversions — Offers with highest conversion rate (estimated) will be shown first.
  • Sort by Highest Payout — Only payout will be taken into consideration. Greedy.
  • Filler — Get offers from first network, if none continue to next (optimized for speed).

I am having trouble setting up my account, can you help?

Before contacting us, please visit the AS Media Solutions documentation to see if the problem you are facing is already answered. If you are unable to find the answer there, feel free to contact us.