Adding Lockers

To add a new locker, go to the AS Media Solutions Dashboard, "Lockers", "Create New".
  • Name — Enter a friendly name for this locker. The name is for your own records only and it is not visible to your anyone except you;
  • Theme — Select the theme for the locker. This is the basic layout of the locker page along with some styling applied to it. You can modify the look and feel of the theme by using the locker styling options after you create it;

Basic Settings

  • Title (Page Title) — This is the main locker title (the first line of text) and also the page title of the locker. Use this field for the name of the content that you are locking. e.g. "Download our e-book /How to get fit in 30 days/";
  • Description — This is the description of the locker page, use this field to give some more information about the content e.g. "Download our e-book and find out how you can get in shape in 30 days...";
  • Download Instructions — This is the text right about the offers. Use this field to tell users that they have to complete an offer to download / access your content;
  • Banner Image URL (optional) — If you wish to display an image about the locker title to improve the visual look or to describe your product better, enter the URL of the image here. Since we do not host images on our servers, use a free image / your hosting to host your URL;
  • YouTube Video ID (optional) — If you wish to include a short YouTube video enter the video ID in this field. To find the video ID look at the URL e.g. the v= parameter is the video ID.
  • Locker options:
    • Track Offer Clicks — This is always checked. It means that AS Media Solutions will track the clicks on the offers in order to perform the offers optimization process;
    • Disable Bot Indexing — If you are concerned that someone will try to find out the locker pages hosted on our servers using search engines, check this feature and we will block the access to the search engine bots.
    • Google Translate Widget — Add the Google Translate widget to the locker page;
    • Download Button First — If you wish to display a download button before showing the offers, check this option;
    • Autoplay YouTube Video — If you have set a YouTube video ID, checking this option will automatically play the video once the user loads the locker page;
    • Adult Content 18+ — If the content you are locking is rated 18+ or the traffic source is from adult websites, please check this option to ensure that you are compliant with the Terms and Conditions. Promoting adult content without checking this option will result in the termination of your account both on AS Media Solutions and the CPA networks you are using;

URL / File Download Settings

  • File URL to Lock — This is the destination URL of the file download or web page the user will be redirected to upon completing an offer;
  • File Name (optional) — The name of the file the user will download upon completing an offer e.g.;

Optimization Settings

  • Optimization Strategy — This is the optimization algorithm that will be used to select and order the offers to be shown to the user. You can select any of the following strategies depending on the niche and your preferences:
    • Optimize by EPC — Offers with highest EPC will be shown first.
    • Optimize by EPC - Advanced — Offers with highest EPC will be shown first, but EPC values are adjusted in real time from both the networks and AS Media Solutions performance data.
    • Optimize by EPC + Mix in new offers — Offers with highest EPC will be shown first followed by a few new offers (works with 3+ offers, otherwise standard optimize by EPC is applied).
    • Optimize for Conversions — Offers with highest conversion rate (estimated) will be shown first.
    • Sort by Highest Payout — Only payout will be taken into consideration. Greedy.
    • Filler — Get offers from first network, if none continue to next (optimized for speed).
  • Number of Offers to Show — You can select the number of offers that will be shown to the user. Our recommendation is using values 4-6, but if you prefer having less or more offers on your locker page you can set it to anything from 1 to 10;
  • Minimum Payout — If you wish to setup a minimum payout for the offers, you can enter the amount in USD here. e.g. 0.5; If you do not wish to have a minimum payout set, you can enter 0 in this field;
  • Networks — You can select up to 3 networks you want to use for the locker. For all optimization strategies, except Filler, the order of the networks is not important. If you use any other strategy, you can set the role the network has. Bidder networks take priority and the order in which they appear is not important. On the other hand if no offers are returned by the bidders, you can set a filler network. The order of the fillers is important due to the fact that if the first filler returns at least half of the number of offers (Number of Offers to Show), the second one will not be used.
After you have created the locker, a URL for the locker will be created and displayed on the success page. If you wish to edit the settings for your lockers, you can always go to the "Lockers" section and edit any of the fields.