Styling Lockers

AS Media Solutions allows you to setup custom styles to the locker page that will overwrite the default theme styles. To do so you will need a basic understanding of CSS properties. To change the default styling options go to "Lockers" and click on "Style" next to the locker you wish to style.

The styling options will be displayed grouped by the sections on the locker page. If you are unfamiliar with the values that you can enter in the fields, under each options there is an example of the values that are allowed or a reference link to the CSS property that you can use.

Please note that we do not host any images and you will need to upload background images on free image hosting providers or your own hosting account. Please avoid using/hotlinking images hosted on other websites that you do not have the permission to use since the website owner can easily block and disable hotlinking on his site and you will be left with broken images on the locker page.

We encourage you to experiment with different colors and styling options to optimize the look and feel of the locker page.